Notes from Stockholm in the Plague Year

So what’s going on in the Kingdom of Sweden? How does it work and why? Is it good approach or is it naive, careless or outright stupid?

Apparently the position our authorities have taken on the corona have raised some eyebrows both at home and abroad. Given the high tensions felt around the risen eyebrows were rather something of high voices screaming: “Are you stupid?” If foreign, voices meaning “are you (Swedes) stupid?” If domestic, meaning rather “are you (authorities) careless or heartless?”

One set of arguments could easily be discarded: the conspiratory ones. These were repeating (hinting, implying) assumption originally voiced in Britain. Supposedly the government is in cold blood is letting the majority of population get infected and hundreds of thousands to die, all in order to gain the herd immunity. Those assumptions were actually served in articles at home and abroad, and repeatedly followed the same pattern. First – statement that there are suspicions of this cunning schemes, second – quoting the official denials and third – quoting the critics: “but the group of scientists argues against it”. And so it goes on and on again. I’ve seen it in some mutations in several articles.

Presented in this particular way it’s nothing more than a conspiracy theory. A terrifying and therefore really vicious one, but still nothing more than a conspiracy theory. Of course health authorities are very much aware of such thing as herd immunity. Of course it is highly desirable that our societies ultimately will be gaining it. In the long run and until the vaccine arrives it is our only hope. But to repeating (hint, imply) that the government is deliberately letting tens, hundreds of thousands of our citizens to die, is careless, heartless and outright stupid.

Well at least in Sweden…

Stay tuned!

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