Notes from Stockholm in the Plague Year

We – my family and friends – are living scattered around the world. We – in Stockholm Sweden – our family and friends in UK, Poland, USA , Italy and Germany. Hope didn’t I miss anyone?

We are all sitting at home trying to live as normally as possible. Well, are we all? What we are allowed to do in Sweden differs apparently a lot from many other countries. Since couple of days ago we are prohibited to gather in public groups of 50 people or more (down from 500 up to now). It’s a far cry from total prohibition in Italy or Poland, or no more than two persons in Germany. Our schools are still open – and a lot of kids up to 9th grade are still attending classes. Other schools – including the one I occasionally work for – switched to distance learning. Working on distance and generally distancing wherever it’s possible is recommended. Well social distnacing is something we are generally good at here in Scandinavia.

Our streets are far from empty. People are still going out, not only to shop the macaroni and toilet paper. The restaurants, bars, pubs, coffee shops are open. Lately they were told to not server customers at the counter, table service only. Stores, gyms are and barber shops are still open. They have fewer customers than usually but they still have some customers. To be honest I don’t dare to go and have a haircut. Not yet anyway.

See for yourself:

So what’s going on in the Kingdom of Sweden?  

Tomorrow I’ll try to explain/understand, Stay tuned!